Studies in Genesis: Hebraic Cosmogony

So I am currently working my way through creation because I’ve heard many times that “In order to have a good eschatology, you must first have a good cosmogony;” or to undertand the end, you must first understand the beginning.  This study has opened a whole can of worms and is flipping new lids every day I go deeper.  Things are not as we suppose and our perceptions, it seems, are greatly misaligned from those divinely given to the writers of scripture.  To give you an idea of what I’m talking about, I’ll give you a look at the first of my meditations on the subject of Hebraic Cosmogony.

This image will give a good start to a Biblical view of cosmology (the order of the universe), but it is by no means accurate, in my opinion.  Among many other things, the highest of heavens (the Temple/House of God) should be inside the firmament. Isaiah 40:22 says He stretches out the heavens like a tent to dwell IN, not OUTSIDE of.  Also Psalm 104:3 says that He lays the beams of His house in the waters (above the heavens).  In Hebraic cosmology, outside of creation (ie the entire universe) there exists water.  When He created the firmament (expanse) in Gen. 1:6, imagine a bathtub full of water, then taking a large balloon and blowing it up under water and creating an expanse with water above and below(poor analogy, but you get the idea), then go live in the balloon.  He created Heaven and earth in the expanse in the MIDST of the waters, much like a child in a womb, surrounded by water. The heavens and the earth were born of water (which is why He must rebirth them with fire, 2 Peter 3:10-13).  Crazy, but cool.

And to be honest, I’m not sure the Hebraic writers (Moses included) were “flat-earthers” as the image depicts (though I don’t dismiss the possibility of pre-Fall or pre-Flood creation being flat).  For instance, David, in Ps. 103:12 writes the famous verse “as far as the east is from the west,” on a flat earth, that is not very far.  They just had a different paradigm of spatial reality than we do.  The “spiritual realm” and the “earthly realm” were not two separate things, but ONE reality; one being invisible to our eyes does not mean it is not physically there.  To demonstrate a possible explanation of the physical existence of the invisible, lets look at quantum physics.  According to “natural” physics, two objects cannot occupy the same place at the same time (hence modern belief that “heavenly realms” and the “earthly realm” are “elsewhere”), but as seen in the studies of Max Planck and other physicists, this is not true with the quanta (physical particles) of light; two physical objects can occupy the same space and be unaware of each other.  Moreover, two solid objects can actually pass through one another and appear somewhere else. And considering that God is light, and His Kingdom is that of light….well, i”ll let you draw your own conclusions.

Even if they believed the earth was flat, which in our mindset is naive and stupid, we cannot discredit the revelation and insight the Creator Himself gave them into the order of His creation.  There is something deeper to be found here than our eyes can see.  Let’s not dismiss the Word because we’re “smarter” and “understand the nature of the universe better than they did.”  All this to say that every culture in history has thought themselves wise in their own eyes and God has taken great delight in putting them all to shame.  Are we any different?

More to come.


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