for God so loves…

Though my heart and mind are currently battling how we have stuffed Jesus into the originally pagan celebration of the winter solstice and called it a Christian Holy-day, I still believe we can honor the LORD for who He is and the content of His character. So despite what I may think, believe, or feel about this most religious and often ridiculous holiday season, and putting aside my sentiments about honoring the Biblical Feasts, and laying down arguments as to what time of year He actually came, He did come! And I see that there is wisdom in Him coming as a babe.

Oh, the wisdom of God that He should come first not as the conquering Lion, but as the innocent Lamb!   God certainly could have sent Ye’shua into the world as a full-grown and fully matured man, as He did with Adam, but in His splendor, He chose to become the most vulnerable and overlooked of creatures: the human zygote! The Word came into this world not even as a child, but a fetus.  He so loves man that He desires to redeem every part of him, from newly created single-celled zygote to Methuselah (the oldest man to walk the earth).  How wise is our God that He would come as a child who, in our society, would have likely been aborted!  He left the highest heavens and came into the world as a seemingly illegitimate, unnoticed, and scoffed at fetus.

For God so loved the human frame that He stepped down from the place of highest honor–where the four living creatures cry in endless adoration, “Holy, Holy, Holy, is the LORD God Almighty”; where the 24 elders cast their crowns in ceaseless worship; from where all government & authority descend, and all prayer & worship ascend–to a place of utter humility. The Son of God came as a single-celled organism, despised by those He created, comely, wretched, and bereft of lordship, all in order that He may claim unto Himself what is already rightfully His.  Jesus, the center of beauty, perfection & government, gave up all this glory for the only things in His created order that resist His rightful rule and leadership: man and man’s dominion.We are His right…His inheritance. He deserves us and our adoration, and on the Day of the LORD He will have it.  He will come with a sword in His mouth and iron scepter in His hand to take what is rightfully His. But in His mercy, He came already that we may choose to worship Him now!  We can either bow in worship today, or we can on that Day when He crushes our knee-caps with the rod of iron in His hand; either way, every knee will bow.  Such is the wisdom of God!

Ye’shua wants our partnership and our agreement.  He came that we might say “Yes” in our heart.  In His divine desire to partner with mankind, the uncreated One and the very Word of God, placed His plans and the fate of all things into the hands of a 14-year-old, unwed girl.  His thoughts were not on what others would think or what it would cost Him, but on the end-prize.  He will receive all things to Himself, but He desires faithful ones to share it with.  His desire is on a Bride who agrees with Him and partners with His heart.  So in His wisdom, He came…not to be served, but to serve.

Praise be to the wounded One,
All glory & honor to the Son.
We ascribe worth and give love to You LORD,
Let the fragrance of our love go forth!!


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