Where are the fathers?

Who ever said that 65 is old?

Who told you that you cannot do for God at 70 what you could at 20?

Where did we get the idea that once you’re old enough to retire that you get to stop living, working, and expanding the Kingdom?

This just need not be so.  And, lets face it, it’s not even Biblical!  Was Abraham, when he was 100 too old to change the fate of humanity? Was Sarah?  What about Noah, who at 500 began to build the ARK?  What about David? Did he retire and move to Florida? Or Joshua and Caleb who at 80 years old went into the Promised Land and FOUGHT for the promises and covenants spoken over them!

These and others changed the fate of Israel, and so the world!  So I ask you, where are the fathers and mothers of this generation? Have they arisen and fought for the promises? Have they, like Anna, dwelt in the House of the LORD all their lives? If not, will they, like her, know Jesus when He comes?  I assure you, many have not and many will not.

Beloved, this is not a rebuke.  This is a prophetic call and declaration to those who desire to know the Lord and be blameless on His Day.  Let us not be like our fathers, asleep, but let us stir up zeal! Let us go into the tabernacle and not depart, as Joshua!

When I’m 70, I don’t want to look at fiery young believers and say, “I was like you once, but don’t worry, it will fade.”  NO!! I want to stand with zeal at 70, running the race like Paul.  My best years, and yours, are ahead.  I want the greatest revelations, words, and encounters to come when I’m in my 80s and 90s.  John the Beloved was nearly 90 when he wrote the most prophetic book on the nature, character, and plans of Jesus that we have in the Bible.  I want that!  I don’t want to be sitting in a church or House of Prayer saying, “If I were younger…”

My heart and desire, when it comes down to brass tacks, is to be like Simeon and  Anna and to impart that calling to others.  I want to develop the hearts of young men and women so that when they are in their 60s, 70s, and 80s they are still as fiery and passionate for the heart of Jesus as they are in their 20s and 30s. I want to see a generation raised up that burn with zeal and contend, like Anna and Simeon, in the House of the LORD until their dying day.

The Day draws near.  The hour is fast approaching, so I say to you in the spirit of Elijah, Arise, fathers and mothers! Come forth! Awaken from slumber, and turn your hearts to the children! For the LORD says, “Behold, I will send you Elijah the prophet before the coming of the great and dreadful Day of the LORD: And he shall turn the heart of the fathers to the children, and the heart of the children to their fathers, lest I come and smite the earth with a curse.”

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