To Boycott, or Not to Boycott…

I’ve seen a lot of articles, posts, and blogs on the Chic-Fil-A ordeal recently.  I’m not one who usually comments on such things, but eventually there is always astraw that breaks the camel’s back.

I have read posts by well-meaning (in their own opinion), mouth-professing Christians, in which they bash the other side for propagating a boycott of Chic-Fil-A and other biblically-based organizations because of their stands on homosexual marriage and/or other things. Many of these decently educated (Bachelors degree at least) people have gone on to say that any such stand, whether for or against Chic-Fil-A, Amazon, Starbucks, etc., is “stupid” and a waste of energy.  In their opinions, such a stand would not “make a difference.” They see their $6 as insignificant in the “grand scheme,” so it is not worthwhile.

In all honesty, it isn’t about making a difference in society that I am after (though I pray for that and it would be great). I am much more concerned about dealing righteously with the conviction the Holy Spirit gives me (even in the stewarding of finances). What I’m really concerned with is the One person’s opinion that really matters. And frankly, when I stand face to face before Jesus as He judges every tribe, tongue, and nation, I’m not sure, “Well, it didn’t make a difference in the grand scheme of things…” will warrant a, “Well done, good and faithful servant. You have been faithful with a few things; I will put you in charge of many things.”

Did the widow’s two mites make a difference in the funding of the temple? No. But they mattered greatly to Jesus, who praised her more than the others (Lk 21).

Look, the point is not to push or proliferate ideas or propagandize the masses. The point I’m after is that if the Spirit gives you a certain measure of light on a subject, walk in that measure of light (Mt. 5:48; Lv. 20:26; 1 Pt. 1:16). In the great settling of accounts (Mt. 18), each deed will be judged (good or bad), but know we will be held accountable for the things the Father reveals to us (2 Pt. 2:21). If He reveals to you that an action, thought, or deed is evil, don’t do it. If He hasn’t convicted you that it is evil, don’t put a stumbling block in the way of the guy He has. He will reveal it in due time, or He may not.

Man did not reveal to Peter that Jesus was the Christ, but the Father in Heaven. It is on THAT rock, that premise, that HE is building HIS church (Mt. 16). It is high time the Western church started actually walking that premise; walking in the Spirit rather than in the fear of man and popular opinion. If we want to have a good testimony before Jesus, we need to die (Heb. 9:16). Die to ourselves (ie: our lavish lifestyles). Die to fear of man (what others think of us). And sometimes, we may need to die to what is popular, like dressing immodestly, or watching violent movies, voting for a specific person, or even shopping at certain stores, if the Holy Spirit convicts us of such things.

Whatever the case, be certain that in this generation, the line of demarkation is being drawn. Battle lines are being made clear, and Jesus Himself said, “You are either with Me or you are against Me…” (Mt. 12:30) and in another place, “The Kingdom of Heaven suffers violence, and the violent take it by force” (Mt. 11:12).  He is saying that there is no middle ground.  You’re either warring and gaining ground for Him, or you’re warring and gaining ground for His enemies. There is no stagnation. There are no Fifty shades of grey…there isn’t even one shade of grey. There is the Kingdom of Light, and the kingdom of darkness, and you are either sowing into the Spirit or sowing into the flesh.

Do NOT be mistaken: You will reap what you sow. You will stand before Him on the Day of the Lord. And your accounts will be settled. So I ask, in the midst of this ruckus, into which are you sowing?


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