Why We Do What We Do. Part I

“Wait a minute.  I don’t even know what you do!”

I am sure more than a few of you thought that as you read the title, so let me preface the coming series with a few insights into what we (as in a corporate sense; ie: the body of Christians), and others like us, do here in Kansas City and all across the face of the earth:

We pray.

It is as simple as that.

Well, okay.  Maybe not that simple.

We pray…A LOT.

…Oh, and we do it mixed with worship and music.  And we do this corporately. And we have not stopped. Day and night, for 13 years (as of Sept 19th, 2012).  On weekends, holidays (even Christmas), and at 3 am when most of the world (respective to time-zones, of course) is asleep, we pray.


“You pray?  That’s it? You don’t do anything else? You just…pray?”

Yes..Well, actually, we worship too!

Okay, obviously we do a lot more as a family, as individuals, and as a ministry.  We do much more than “just” pray and worship Jesus, but all that we do is founded and sustained in that place of prayer and adoration.  The outreaches, missions, and ministry are all overflow expressions that come from prayer and worship.  Countless hours of prayer and worship.

We do not view prayer and worship as a means unto an end, but the means and the end.

So, we pray.  We spend hours a day sitting in a room, with music, talking to an invisible God.

“…And you do this as a career?”

Yes. And we are not the only ones.

The idea or concept of “Night & Day prayer” is something that is growing in the earth today, though it is not new.  All across the globe we are seeing houses of prayer, prayer watches, and prayer furnaces spring up at an escalating pace.  There is a movement toward “Night & Day prayer” taking place that is unprecedented in all of human history.

And it is happening with no coordinated effort by man.

“You mean that there isn’t some mega church-planting scheme or plan by any organization or denomination?”

Exactly. Prayer is simply beginning to arise from every corner of creation.

The question that should automatically come to your mind when you see this sort of phenomenon is “Why?”

The “How?” is obvious (ie: the Holy Spirit).  The “why” behind it is less so, but it is what we hope to answer in the coming weeks.  Our desire is to give more than the Biblical precedence for “Night & Day prayer,” though that will be included.

Our desire is to share what is on our hearts and reveal, even for ourselves, “Why We Do, What We Do.”


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