the fam


Andrew – I’m a 28 year old Papa who loves his little girl and adores his beautiful wife.  When I’m not spending time in the prayer room, I’m at home serving my family.  I believe my primary calling and mission—before everything else I’m called to— is to be a husband and father to my family.  My desire is to see my wife and children standing upon my shoulders and reaching for an even higher calling in God.  I want my ceiling to be the floor of their ministries and identities in Christ.


Lauren – is my favorite person in the world! She is a beautiful and amazing wife and a wonderful mother…And this is going to stay here until she updates this page with further information about herself!

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Lily –  …is 6.   And awesome!  She loves to dance before the Lord, and she never stops singing!  Lily’s main prayer is for Mommy to be healed so “we can have babies!” She is super-intelligent, very inquisitive, and always seems to be getting into something…but seldom trouble.  We love her dearly and eagerly await and hope for more kids for her to train up with us! 😉